Port Moresby | Second Contact

30 April - 24 May

Artist Talk Sunday 24 May 2pm (watch on Vimeo here)

Huw Davies Gallery, PhotoAccess, ACT, Australia.

See complete set of exhibition installation images here.

“Port Moresby/Second Contact is a visual diary of Sean Davey’s ongoing relationship to a place and its inhabitants. It encompasses much more besides that but the immediacy of the projection of the artist’s deep relationship with his subject matter is paramount. Davey’s sympathetic understanding of the aesthetics impost of a gallery space has resulted in a particularly well-conceived and well-presented exhibition. ”

Peter Haynes, The Canberra Times (read full review here)


The body of work presented at PhotoAccess displays a great deal of warmth, empathy and friendship, especially in the photographs depicting people.' 

Jess Oliver (full review here)


“We’re always looking through a prism tainted by reinforced stereotypes, so Australians’ views of Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea day-to-day existence tend to be quite different to what it’s actually like. In the Papua New Guinea that I know, sure bad things happen, but at the same time kids go to school, cook meals, hang out, go to the club in the evening. There’s so much normality and I find it very interesting to show that."

Interview in The Riot ACT by Amy Birchall (read interview here)