Portrait of Andrew Galan

In December 2014 I had the pleasure of spending a day making portraits of Canberra poet Andrew Galan. Andrew will soon be releasing a new book of his poems as well as performing at various upcoming festivals. I was keen to do something different for this project, and instead of just making a few portraits in an hour or so at one or two locations, Andrew and I agreed that we would spend the day together and I would photograph on and off as we went. Being a fellow artist Andrew embraced the idea with enthusiasm, and we were off...

Andrew had a few meetings on the day we agreed to do the shoot, and the idea was basically to hang with Andrew all day, to do whatever he had to do and to go wherever he had to go. I was to shoot pictures at different locations as the day progressed. 

The day's shoot took us around Andrew's local suburb in Canberra, to the Australian War Memorial as well as Canberra's city centre, a bookshop, and we spent some time doing portraits in Andrew's apartment. Our day ended after a few shots of Andrew at his weekly writing group with some of his fellow poets and writer friends. 

I shot nine rolls of 35mm film on the day (about 330 pictures) and that number has really made me think about how much I would have shot if I was using digital; I think that I would have shot a lot more frames if I used a digital camera. I hate to touch on the subject of film and digital, but I think it was really important that I used film for this shoot, as I never worried about what I had shot, or tried to better the compositions that I had already made.  We did some shots and then continued on our way. 

I made Andrew a small album of the photos which I recently gave him. This day-long project was a great deal of fun and also very artistically rewarding. I am very keen to explore more 'one-day shoots', so if you, or anyone you know would be interested in doing something like this, please feel free to get in touch.


Artist in Residence profile in The Queanbeyan Age

I recently sat down with Kim Pham from The Queanbeyan Age to talk about my summer artist residency. The paper has published a slideshow of ten photographs made in my first few days of this project. I'm looking forward to spending more time in the town and meeting some new people there. 

As mentioned in the article, if you live or work in Queanbeyan, or know anyone who might like to be involved with this project by being photographed, feel free to contact me.

It’s definitely not going to be a comprehensive document on Queanbeyan, it’s a personal project which will come from personal experiences. It’s not going to be everyone’s Queanbeyan.
— http://www.queanbeyanage.com.au/story/2758509/undercover-in-queanbeyan/?cs=1277#slide=2

A selection of my work from Queanbeyan will be shown at The Q Performing Arts Centre in Queanbeyan in October 2015.

Click photo to read article.


Fowl Play | Roving Eye feature in The Big Issue

Earlier this year I set up a portable studio at the 2014 Canberra National Poultry Show and made a series of portraits of entrants with their birds. 

The Big Issue magazine has published a selection of these portraits in the current issue, which is available from vendors all over Australia until Christmas.

The complete series (with quotes from sitters) is available on the homepage of this website here.

Thanks to Scott Newman for his assistance in making the series.

Summer's First Evening

Rizal Ali from Sydney stands on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, watching an amazing sky scape that appeared at dusk. This was the scene before an intense electrical storm on the first evening of Summer.

End of Year Exhibition at ANCA

I'm pleased to announce that I'm part of a group show "Common Ground" at ANCA (Australian National Capital Artists) in Canberra, with a framed black and white photograph from my series Maze.

3-14 December 2014 | ANCA | Rosevear Place, Dickson, ACT

Exhibition opens Wed 3 December 6pm.

Maze #02 (2004, printed 2012) | Inkjet print 60cm x 80cm | Ed. of 8 + 2AP

Maze #02 (2004, printed 2012) | Inkjet print 60cm x 80cm | Ed. of 8 + 2AP

Five Day Black & White Photo Challenge

A very nice image sharing challenge has been doing the rounds on Facebook over the past few weeks, with the idea that photographers share five black and white photos from their archives over five days, and each day the posting photographer is to nominate another photographer to do the same. I have really been enjoying watching this develop and have seen some incredible work by some of my photographer friends, including Grant Turner, George Fetting, Belinda Pratten, Adam Hollingworth, Simona Bonnano, Jeffrey Ladd, Philip Gostelow, Jake Nowakowski and Tom Williams, amongst others.

I have been nominated to show five images by some of the photographers named above, and I thought I would post them here on my website so they may be seen by a wider audience than those of my friends on Facebook. Each day I will nominate a photographer friend or a friend who photographs to do the same.

About my five images: In October 2011 my mum Felicity fell over and broke her femur. Having already had a hip replacement a few years earlier, she needed immediate surgery to have her relatively new titanium hip joint 'revised'. A hip revision means that the replacement hip is taken out and then a new one is inserted, with a much longer stem embedded deep into the femur bone. I get queasy even thinking about it.

The surgery seemed to go well, but Felicity's recovery was painful and slower than expected. We were told that she had circulation problems, and her limbs swelled up leaving her bed ridden for weeks. As time went on things seemed as if they would never get better. To make matters worse, Felicity suffered a cardiac arrest while she was in hospital, which almost killed her. I remember a doctor coming in to see my father and I only minutes after the arrest and he told us that mum had been revived but that she had been gone for eight minutes. It was likely that brain injury would occur. Later we were told that it was unlikely that mum would live.

Prior to mum's cardiac arrest, after which she spent six weeks in Intensive Care, she asked me to photograph her in her hospital bed. Mum told me that she wanted to have a record of what her body looked like after the operation to have her hip replaced. The date on the camera tells me that it was November 3 2011. I have decided to post one of these images a day over the next five days.

At the same period that mum was in hospital, I took quite a bit of time off work and began taking long walks with our family dog. I needed to walk to relieve the stress of the situation. During my walks I started photographing the trees and landscape around our family home in Canberra, while at the same time making of pictures of mum in hospital when I went to visit her every day.

Last Friday it was Felicity's 76th birthday and all this suddenly came back to me very vividly. I feel like it is the right time to show and share these images for the first time.

Aspen Medical CEO Glenn Keys named as Australian of the Year Finalist in ACT.

Aspen Medical CEO Glenn Keys has been named as the ACT Finalist for Australian of the Year Awards 2015.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Glenn a few times in Canberra. I am always amazed how Glenn not only manages a multi-million dollar international business that provides wide ranging health care in numerous countries around the world, but that on top of that he spends a great amount of time and energy on philanthropic pursuits, namely Project Independence, which strives to assist people with disabilities to live in their own homes.

I wish to tip my hat to Glenn who is doing great things for his local community and for the world at large.

Glenn Keys with his son Ehren (2014).

Artist In Residence - The Gorman House Project Space

I have been awarded an Artist Residency at Gorman House Arts Centre in Canberra, as part of The Project Space program.

The Project Space is an exciting new short-term residency program at Gorman Arts Centres – it’s a creative intervention with a DIY spirit. Gorman Arts Centre’s former Currong Theatre wing is temporarily vacant until capital upgrades begin at the centre in late 2014. The Project Space invites 16 writers, visual artists and other creative practitioners to occupy the Currong wing for 8 weeks as artists-in-residents. Throughout August and September 2014, this group of artists will make The Project Space their own in a self-directed residency encouraging experimentation and  collaboration.

I will be setting up a studio on location at Gorman House and inviting people to sit (or stand) for a portrait as part of my residency program. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come to my corner of The Project Space from 10am-1pm on the following dates to have their portrait made.  

Saturday 23 August

Saturday 30 August

Saturday 6 September

Saturday 27 September    

Monday 29 September

Everyone participating in the project will receive a digital file of their portrait at the end of the project.

Scott and Nicholas from Week 1 of 5 at Gorman House "Project Space" residency.

Scott and Nicholas from Week 1 of 5 at Gorman House "Project Space" residency.

100 Years since the start of WW1

August 4  marked the centenary of the start of World War 1. I photographed the opening of the Australian War Memorial's Roll of Honour Soundscape project as well as the Last Post Ceremony for Australian World War I soldier Keith Heritage for Agence France Presse (AFP).

The Big Picture - Photography Exhibition

For the past few months I have been teaching students from Lake Tuggeranong College the art of black and white film photography and darkroom printing at PhotoAccess in Canberra. Tomorrow night at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre, an exhibition of work they completed will open, in what is surely their first ever public photographic exhibition.

As a photographer, it is enticing and exciting to think about having an exhibition of your own work; the culmination of weeks, months, if not years of toiling away with a project and all the hard work that goes on in private. Making an exhibition of hand printed photographs is not an easy task, but it is one that these young artists have really committed themselves to. In many ways it is much more rewarding to be involved in this exhibition as a teacher rather than an artist or photographer. I have seen the personal commitment and effort that has gone into the making of this work, as well as the undeniable growth in self-confidence, assertiveness and maturity that these students have displayed. For me, this is the true reward.

It is a real honour to be associated with this exhibition at the recently refurbished Tuggeranong Arts Centre and I hope that people who manage to see it will be as impressed as I am by the calibre of work on display. It is of particular note that the exhibition was also curated and hung by the photographers themselves.

All of the prints (except one) are 10"x8" hand printed gelatin silver photographs and are for sale at $100 each (framed).

Tuggeranong Arts Centre

137 Reed St, Greenway, ACT.

Exhibition open until the end of July 2014.

L to R: Kyle, Jack, Aaron, Jacob, Josh (missing are Kaitlyn and Dillon).




7000 words

A photo is worth a thousand words....

7000 words features seven previously unpublished photographs by a selected photographer each week. A new photograph is loaded each day for seven days, making the site an ever-evolving and growing entity.
Starting today (Monday 21 July), seven previously unpublished photographs of mine from Papua New Guinea will feature on the site. 

7000 words

First Scan with Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Pro

I have just made my first medium format scan with my new Konica film scanner, and I have to say that I am very impressed. The native scan resolution of medium format film is 3200dpi (4800dpi for 35mm) and I scanned the 645 black and white negative as a 48bit colour file, saving it as a .DNG file. The output at 300dpi was roughly 60cm x 50cm with a file size of 300Mb (RGB).

I have been very keen to get this scanner since I purchased it from a seller on ebay in the USA. Thanks to a friend currently living in New York (and some other friends who were kind enough to bring it back to Aus with them), I managed to get around the expensive part of shipping the scanner here to Australia.

Comparatively to the Nikon 8000 and 9000 scanners, the Konica is much smaller, which makes moving it around much easier (it is roughly the size of a regular shoe box). The scanner took a few minutes to prepare itself and with VueScan the scan took about one minute (with another 2-3 minutes to process the .DNG file). The scanner come with SCSI Ultra and Firewire 400 and it worked flawlessly using a Firewire 400 to 800 cable on my Macbook Pro. 

The negative I scanned is a portrait of Tim Keeble and Dennis Mortimer, the duo behind the recently closed Artists' Shed in Queanbeyan. The photo was made in 2013 at The Phoenix in Canberra before the bar was closed due to a fire in an adjoining restaurant. Dennis and Tim were both instrumental to my photography gallery The Photography Room starting a few years ago at the Artists' Shed and I have a lot to thank these guys for. Perhaps this portrait will be a good start.

I have more rolls of b&w 120 than I care to count, and needless to say, I have many hours of scanning ahead of me. But with results like this, it's not a bad thing at all.

Tim & Dennis. The Phoenix, Canberra, ACT (2013).

Tim & Dennis. The Phoenix, Canberra, ACT (2013).

2014 Canberra National Poultry Show

I recently spent a day at the 2014 Canberra National Poultry show with fellow photographer Scot Newman. Amongst the squawking, gobbling and crowing from the prized birds on show, Scot and I made portraits of show entrants with their birds, as well as some of the judges whose job it was to decide which birds took out the top prizes. 

This selection of portraits, along with a wider selection is available for licensing and publication through Diimex.

Photos © Sean Davey

Same Player Shoots Again - Presales

I will be launching my latest self-published book Same Player Shoots Again at the Photobook Day at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney on Sunday 25 May (11am-4pm).

The book is now in production and (fingers crossed) copies will be available for sale at the fair.

In preparation for the book's launch, and especially for those of you who would like a copy but wont be able to attend the fair, I am now taking pre-orders for the book.

Orders can be made at The Photography Room online bookshop HERE

*Editions #1-50 come with a signed and numbered inkjet print from the series (20 x 28cm).

Same Player Shoots Again

A4 size, 88 pages, digitally printed.

Photographs by Sean Davey

Book Concept, Design & Layout by Jean-Pierre Viguié

Text by Cara Hine

Printed in Canberra, Australia by Create + Print

#1-#50 | Book & Print $80 (AUD)

#51-#150 | Book Only $50 (AUD)

Shipping costs: Australia $10, Asia $25, USA $30, Europe $40

Same Player Shoots Again has my name on the cover, but in reality this book belongs equally to my friend Jean-Pierre Viguié, who I met at a bookmaking workshop in Paris in 2013, facilitated by Akina Books. Jean-Pierre and I agreed that we should collaborate on some editing projects after I returned to Australia and this book is our first collaborative effort (of what I hope will be many).

The photos in this book were all made on a night out in Sydney in November 2013. The photos were made with an iPhone, which I borrowed from my good friend Davy, and I used it to photograph our night (and morning) out. I had purposefully decided not to take a camera out with me that evening, as I wanted to spend some quality time and conversation with my friend. However, like many times before, the urge to photograph overcame me. The resulting images from that evening make up this short story; Same Player Shoots Again.

Verve Photo

Photographer and photo editor Geoffrey Hiller created Verve Photo to feature photographs and interviews by the finest contemporary image makers today. Verve Photo is a reminder of the power of the still image. Verve Photo will also point you to new photo agencies, publications, and inspiring multimedia projects.

It is quite an honour to have one of my images from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea featured on Verve Photo. Geoffrey also asked me to write some words about this particular image as well as about my work in Papua New Guinea. 

Verve Photo includes a very comprehensive list of profiled documentary photographers, head on over and take a look.


New book - Same Player Shoots Again

I will be launching Same Player Shoots Again at the Photobook Day at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney on Sunday 25 May (11am-4pm).

Same Player Shoots Again

A4 size, 88 pages, digitally printed.

Photographs by Sean Davey

Book Concept, Design & Layout by Jean-Pierre Viguié

Text by Cara Hine

Printed in Canberra, Australia by Create + Print

#1-#50 | Book & Print $80 (AUD)

#51-#150 | Book Only $50 (AUD)

Shipping costs: Australia $10, Asia $25, USA $30, Europe $40



This book project is a collaboration with French cinematographer and photographer Jean-Pierre Viguié, who I met at a book making workshop, facilitated by Akina Books in Paris in 2013.

The book is self-published and will be available in an edition of 150. 1-50 will be sold with an inkjet print from the series.

The book is now in production and (fingers crossed) copies will be available for sale at the fair.

In preparation for the book's launch, and especially for those of you who would like a copy but wont be able to attend the fair, I am now taking pre-orders for the book.

Orders can be made via email and I will send a paypal invoice. Please check shipping rates to your part of the world.

email (at) seandaveyphotographer.com

*Editions #1-50 come with a signed and numbered inkjet print from the series (20 x 28cm).

This book is available from The Photography Room (click here)


One Great Face - PhotoAccess Members' Exhibition

The Huw Davies Gallery at PhotoAccess in Canberra has had a makeover in preparation for the first of the gallery's 2014 member exhibitions, One Great Face

PhotoAccess staff and friends have been busy sprucing up the joint for what should be a fun and engaging exhibition of portraits, opening on Thursday 8 May, 6pm.

For this exhibition I am showing a photograph that I was actually asked to make, by two friends who were on a night out in Canberra recently. 

After we started talking and the man on the right found out I was a photographer, he asked me to make a portrait of him and his friend. When I replied that I didn't have a camera, he said that I must have a phone, which indeed I did. Reaching in to my pocket, it surprised me that I hadn't thought of using my phone camera to shoot a picture, although I had been using it more and more lately. After shooting six or seven pictures in (very) quick succession, I chose one and sent it to his phone immediately. 

One good thing about using the phone camera and sending the image to him straight away is that now I have his mobile number. I can't remember either of these guys' names, so hopefully he replies to the text I just sent letting him know about the exhibition, and also asking what his and his friend's names are.

One Great Face

A PhotoAccess Members' Exhibition

Huw Davies Gallery

Manuka Arts Centre, Canberra ACT

Opening Thursday 8 May 

Exhibition continues until 25 May


Norman and Hassan. Canberra, ACT (2014) 42cm x 30cm inkjet print

Norman and Hassan.

Canberra, ACT (2014)

42cm x 30cm inkjet print